Innovate Europe Competing for Global Innovation Leadership

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Autor: World Economic Forum en colaboración con McKinsey & Company
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Octubre 2019

Europe has an enormous opportunity to leverage the new wave of digital or digitally enabled technologies – such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain – to create value for its people through new jobs and better, cheaper products and services. For example, developing and diffusing AI in its current assets and digital position could add up to an estimated €2.7 trillion to European economic output by 2030.
Europe has strengths to build on: its start-up scene is increasingly vibrant and its tech workforce is growing faster than ever at 2.6% a year. It boasts many small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) that are leaders in their fields. Its strong industrial base is ripe for innovative disruption, as the application of new technologies increasingly focuses on industrial supply chains and the integration of industries.
Five of the top 10 leading countries in eGovernment are from Europe. And with a new wave of technologies, activity may shift towards economic sectors where Europe already has a competitive edge.

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