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Autor: Comisión Europea
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Fecha de publicación o de alta: Julio 2019

In this issue:

Open source is not the domain of some enthusiasts. It is a mature model, attracting large communities and big corporations. Its advantages are numerous: less expensive, interoperable, innovative, safe. That’s the reason why Joinup is based on open source with its code on Github and available to any repository interested in replicating its features.

In this newsletter, you will learn how to find your way around Open source licences thanks to the Joinup Licensing Assistant (JLA).  You will see how rich with projects the Open Source community is (Sharing & Reuse Awards, LibreOffice Conference).  How much the public sector benefits from this community and from data sharing (ELISE Action, SEMIC 2019 , ABR, GeoDCAT).  
Our Joinup team keeps improving Joinup’s features. However, as it is a collaborative platform, we need your help to make it even better: do not hesitate to fill out the Joinup Survey!

We wish you all a sunny summer holiday!



Desde el 25 de mayo hemos actualizado nuestra forma de comunicarnos contigo debido a la entrada en vigor del Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD).

Si no has recibido ningún correo nuevo o quieres comenzar a recibirlos, suscríbete y recibe gratis en tu correo nuestro boletín mensual con toda la actualidad del sector público.

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